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Practicing Connection in a Complex World

two brightly colored hands reach toward each other. The hands are surrounded by brightly colored butterflies and the text "Practicing Connection in a Complex World"As part of our work for the Military Families Learning Network, Jessica Beckendorf and I host this exploration of personal and collective practices that empower us to work together to help each other, our families, and our communities improve our resilience and readiness in a rapidly changing world.

You can learn more about and subscribe to the podcast on the "Practicing Connection in a Complex World" webpage.

Working Differently in Extension

Working Differently in Extension

The Working Differently in Extension podcast is a discussion of how Cooperative Extension professionals can work differently to be more effective in the new communications environment. I hosted the podcast for several years, interviewing more than 100 Extension professionals. I have set aside the podcast to focus on "Practicing Connection in a Complex World" and other work.

You can find every episode of the Working Differently in Extension podcast on on Soundcloud.