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What I am doing now

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I'm living in West Fargo, ND with my wife and 2 sons. My daughter is living in Colorado. I'm in my 10th year as a web technology specialist at North Dakota State University (NDSU). I'm also leading the Military Families Learning Network's Network Literacy team. In January 2018, I started a new journey as a graduate student in NDSU's Extension Education program (jump to my Learning Portfolio).

My friend and collaborator Jessica Beckendorf and I have created a new learning experience, "Storytelling for Cultural Competence." The experience encourages self-knowledge (an important part of cultural competence), cultivates empathy and connection, and provides a space to practice the vulnerability and authenticity required for cultural conversation.

I continue to produce the Working Differently in Extension podcast. Most recently I talked with Julie Doll, Cheryl Eschbach and James DeDecker about their use of the "fishbowl" instructional method to encourage co-learning about climate change.

John Stepper's "Working Out Loud" process is an important touchstone in my work on facilitating a network mindset. I've been working with colleagues to adapt John's work to different contexts, including the context of co-creation. I believe researchers and educators must begin co-creating with the people being impacted by the issues they are trying to address. I am working on ways to adapt the "Working Out Loud" process to help researchers, educators and public participants build the skills necessary for co-creation. This idea is also the focus of my scholarship.

Updated August 23, 2018.