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Victor Villegas, DroneSinger: A WDinExt Podcast

One of the most common questions I get about social media and working out loud is, "How do I keep my personal and professional life separate online?" I have to admit that, while I understand the question, I've never been able to relate to the feeling behind it. I've always seen my work life and personal life as intertwined. I held my newborn daughter in my arms while hosting a classical music program on public radio (she was our first and very quiet, something I can't say for the two boys that followed). I've tried to bring my passions to my work and to make my work personal.

Victor Villegas has found ways to bring his interests in technology and aeronautics to his work with Oregon State University Extension. He has even combined his passion for music with his interest in drones as the DroneSinger.

Victor and I talked about bringing our personal interests to our work in the most recent Working Differently in Extension podcast. We also talked about his drone parody songs, his involvement in unmanned aerial systems in agriculture, drone regulation and more. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Victor Villegas, DroneSinger: A WDinExt Podcast

  1. Tim Harrison

    Can you post the links mentioned in the comments or post? I'm not sure I heard them correctly.


    1. bobbertsch

      I'm glad you figured it out, Tim. I just added some resource links to the post. Sorry, I didn't add them sooner. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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