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Paul Hill and Jamie Seger, #edtechln: A WDinExt Podcast

Here's the last of our conversations recorded at the National eXtension Conference in San Antonio. Jamie Seger, Ohio State University Extension, and Paul Hill, Utah State University Extension, are two of the leaders of the eXtension Educational Technology Learning Network (edtechln). They have done great work in providing spaces for Cooperative Extension professional to discuss new tools and in bringing new tools and technologies to Cooperative Extension.

Jamie, Paul and the edtechln have also been very supportive of the Working Differently in Extension podcast. I'm glad we had the opportunity to record this conversation about tools and trends in Cooperative Extension. I hope you enjoy it at least half as much as I did.

4 thoughts on “Paul Hill and Jamie Seger, #edtechln: A WDinExt Podcast

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  2. natasha

    hello my name is natasha and my husband and I are beginning farmers and would like to see if there are any upcoming webinars or workshops or resources that we can use we are both under the age of 30 my husband has worked on a farm for about 7 years and we would like to expand and start our own production and successful farm we would appreciate any help in the right direction

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